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You asked for it. PUREVAX vaccines delivered.

  • The only complete line of nonadjuvanted feline vaccines now offers half-mL doses.
  • It’s the same level of safety, purity, and proven protection that you trust from the leading line of feline vaccines.
  • PUREVAX brand offers the first and only half-mL feline rabies vaccines (in both 1- and 3-year duration of immunity) and feline rabies combination vaccines with Feline 3 (RCP) and Feline 4 (RCCP).
  • PUREVAX brand offers the first and only half-mL recombinant canarypox-vectored nonadjuvanted Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) vaccine.

PUREVAX vaccines available in half-mL doses:

PUREVAX Recombinant FeLV PUREVAX Feline Rabies (rRabies-1YR)
PUREVAX Feline 3 (RCP) PUREVAX Feline Rabies 3 YR (rRabies - 3YR)
PUREVAX Feline 4 (RCCP) PUREVAX Feline 3/Rabies (RCP+rRabies-1YR)
  PUREVAX Feline 4/Rabies (RCCP+rRabies-1YR)
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