Social Media Tool Kit

Social media can help you interact with your existing clients and attract new ones by growing awareness of your clinic. We’ll provide you with images and prewritten content to help raise awareness for the importance of vaccinations, as well as awareness for your veterinary clinic.

Ready to get started? Visit our asset library for images and sample text content created for specific channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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First, determine which channel best aligns with your customers based on their interests. You may even want to survey your customers to determine their most popular channels - be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or something else. Once you have selected your Social Channel(s), this kit will guide in making the social media world as simple and effective as possible. The 3 easy steps listed below will provide you with successful, relevant content to help your practice spread the word about the need for vaccinations.


Social media isn’t all just pretty pictures. Whether you’re sharing information about your employees or talking about a new product you carry, there should always be social media promotions as a part of your strategy. Here are a few social media best practices to help you deliver the most effective message for your practice:

  • Share a variety of content: Relevant videos and images.
  • Be a thought leader for your followers. Share your expert advice.
  • Interact with followers: Answer questions/concerns, respond to positive and negative comments, be personable.
  • Utilize user-generated content. Give photo credit.
  • Engage with target audiences and use your social platforms to cultivate relationships, customer support and brand identity.